How to Treat & Protect Your Lawn From Japanese Beetle Infestations in Missouri

Japanese beetles are beautiful insects that can do a lot of damage - so much so that homeowners need to eliminate them as soon as they can. These beetles came to the US like so many other bugs do: through shipping containers and goods that came from other countries. The official story is that they [...]

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Best Time to Prune 5 Common Trees in Missouri

Why do you need to prune your trees? Pruning trees does far more than just make your trees look neat -it helps to keep them healthy, safe, and prosperous. When pruned correctly, trees will grow stronger and taller, taking on the natural shape that helps them to live healthy lives. Your trees are an important part of [...]

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5 Common Tree Diseases in Missouri

Are the trees in your backyard safe from problems and diseases? No, no matter what you do. Insects, animals, the wind, water, and even people can carry disease from tree to tree. Environmental impactors, construction, drought, and earthquakes can all change the health of your trees overnight as well. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything you [...]

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7 Places for Outdoor Furniture and Decor in Kansas City

With summer just around the corner, you are likely going to spend more and more time outside. When you are there, whether you are floating in your pool or just enjoying the sunshine, you want something good to look at and comfortable to sit on. In Kansas City, we have so many different options for [...]

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