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EAB monitoring & prevention in Independence, MO is key to healthy trees on your property. Did you know that the Emerald Ash Borer can be completely destructive to a tree? In fact, if you do not have regular inspections, the destructive beetle may completely destroy your trees.

The larva tunnels their way through the vascular system in your tree, which leads to the death of your tree.

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Reasons for EAB Monitoring & Prevention

EAB Monitoring & Prevention

EAB monitoring & prevention in Independence, MO is extremely important and without it, it is possible that Missouri can lose all of the ash trees around.

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive beetle that makes its home in ash trees and the larva tunnels their way throughout the entire vascular system of the tree. This tunneling causes the tree to die.

Another reason you want to have EAB monitoring performed is because it can prevent the spread of EAB to other trees on your property. Once one tree has been infested and killed, the larva and beetles will move on to a new tree and take over it until all of the trees on your property have been destroyed.

EAB prevention will stop these beetles from moving tree to tree and killing off your beautiful foliage. The team at Go Green Tree & Landscape will provide quality prevention and monitoring services to protect your investment and property.

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EAB Monitoring & Prevention Pricing

Pricing for monitoring and prevention of EAB will depend on the specific problem at hand. For starters, it will cost more money upfront if you need to have EAB removed from your tree. Some of the different pricing factors will take into account the type of treatment needed and how long the treatment will take.

Another pricing factor is how many ash trees need to have prevention services performed on them. It will cost you significantly less if you only have one or two trees over a field of trees. This is because EAB can spread rapidly and infect all of the ash trees around.

Lastly, you must consider how often you need monitoring services performed. If you have had a problem with EAB in the past, then you will need to have your ash trees looked after more frequently than someone who has never had a problem.

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If you are in need of exert EAB monitoring & prevention in Independence, MO, do not hesitate to rely on Go Green Tree & Landscape to help you out. Our trained arborist is knowledgeable in recognizing the signs of an infestation and then properly treating the tree to save it.

We use green practices to help save the environment while still providing the necessary care needed to keep your trees healthy and prevent death or disease. Each one of our team members is licensed, insured, and certified by ISA, TCIA, and CTSP.

We are committed to educating all of our customers on the proper care for their trees and landscapes to help them maintain them. We service Independence, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, and Raytown.

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