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Quality tree service in Raytown, MO is just a call away and Go Green Tree & Landscape is here to help you. We offer professional tree trimming, tree health, and stump grinding services to protect your property and help your trees grow tall and beautiful.

Raytown is a city located within Jackson County and it has a population of 29,500 people. The Rice-Tremonti Home was built in 1844 on the Santa Fe Trail and it still remains in the area today.

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There is no shortage of history in the area and a small blacksmith shop that sits at the intersection of Raytown Road and 63rd is the shop of the first resident in Jackson County, William Ray. The shop was first opened in 1848 and has since become a well-known landmark.

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Tree Removal

Tree Service Raytown, MO

Did you know that a diseased tree can spread disease to the other trees on your lot? In addition to that, pests will quickly invade a stressed tree and kill it. To protect the other trees on your property, you may need to have all infected and diseased trees removed.

Go Green Tree & Landscape provides professional, fast, and safe tree removal services to get rid of any trees that may be dying or past a point of being saved. Our ISA certified arborist can help you determine which trees to have removed from your property.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

It is important to have your tree trimmed and pruned to ensure that it continues to grow properly throughout the four seasons. A poorly trimmed tree will overgrow and pose a risk to your home, especially if any large branches come loose.

At Go Green Tree & Landscape, our arborists provide quality trimming and pruning services to ensure your tree will thrive. Each team member has the latest climbing equipment to ensure they can get up into even the tallest tree on your property and thin out the leaves.

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Tree Health

A tree’s health depends on the environment it is in and if a tree endures too much stress due to over fertilization or over watering, it can become susceptible to invasion from pests or diseases. To have beautiful trees on your property, you need to make sure that all of your trees are healthy and thriving.

Go Green Tree & Landscape has a certified arborist available to help you determine which trees on your property need treatment and which ones need to be monitored for disease. If you are interested in our tree service in Raytown, MO, call our office now to schedule a free estimate.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms that have high winds and a lot of rainfall can damage your trees and cause large branches to fall from the tree’s trunk. Sometimes, storms are dangerous enough that they will knock your tree over too.

Before you attempt to move a tree or cleanup your yard, call Go Green Tree & Landscape. Our storm damage cleanup crew is specially trained to clean up and safely remove any and all tree debris from your yard.

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Let Us Help You Care for Your Trees

Go Green Tree & Landscape is ready to help you care for your trees and provide you with the best customer service and tree service in Raytown, MO. Our ten years of experience in the industry guides us and allows our team to provide you with the best information about your tree.

All of our team members are licensed, insured, and a member of or certified by ISA, TCIA, or CTSP. We are committed to green practices and doing all we can to protect the local ash trees in the area.

Whether you are searching for quality EAB monitoring and prevention services, chemical application, or even firewood delivery, our team is ready to help you. Give Go Green Tree & Landscape a call today to schedule a free estimate.