Winter Preparedness Checklist for Independence

Though it felt like it was never going to really get cool, all of a sudden the temperatures have declined, and we are in an area wherein the coldness feels colder than it ever has in old days. Winds, rain, sleet, and yes, snow, are all on their way, so you have to make sure that you are prepared for their furies. Have you done all that you are required to do well before the weather begins to get as furious as it can?

If you haven’t begun getting ready until now, now is the very best moment to start. Take some time to work off some of that Thanksgiving turkey and sides and go out into your grounds to truly see what could happen if you don’t think toward the future.

Not quite sure where to start? Here are four ways to prepare yourself for the season:

4. Winterize All Constructions

  • Don’t forget pools, garden ponds, and decks
  • Take care to winterize flower gardens and your lawn
  • Never disregard your garage

Many people feel that they exclusively need to winterize their homes because that is the only place they will really be over the course of the storm, but that isn’t the situation. According to Weather Underground, many people overlook to winterize some factors on their properties, and that actually costs more money than the damages to your home would.

Winterize your pools, summerhouses, outdoor patios, and patios by disposing of anything that could blow away in a storm. Remember that ice and snow are much heavier than rain, so you want to remove anything where snow can build up, like awnings or coverings. Anything that previously has sitting water (like a pond, birdbath, or container) will probably ice over in the cold, so you have to account for growth as well.

Most essentially, definitely winterize your garage. While it is uncommon, if you do ever have to leave your house because of the snow, you want a safe way to get to your car or truck.

3. Make Sure Your Gear is Prepared

  • Keep everything close to your home
  • Always have a sturdy shovel
  • Have excess salt at the prepared

One of the major missteps people make when they are striving to get prepared for the cold months season is that they get everything all ready and then they don’t have it near when the blizzard actually strikes. Will you need to get a shovel at some point? Yes indeed. But how will you get it if we have 24″ of snow and the shovel is in your storage shed? See to it that tools are available and close to your home at all times. Try putting it in your garage or on your porch. The CDC has a listing of items that you need to be prepared for storms.

Assess all of the important gear, like shovels, ice scrapers, snow blowers, gloves, hats, chains, and anything else you may need to make yourself protected in the snow. Make sure that they will do theirjobs correctly and safely. It also isn’t a poor idea to have a couple backups– just in case something goes wrong OR just in case you have a few partners.

2. Shield Yourself From The Cold Outside

  • Buy and add storm window treatments
  • Use plastic on the indoors
  • Caulk any unsealed gaps

One of the most sensible and straightforward items you can do to prep yourself and your family for this coming period is to inhibit the cold from arriving into your home. To do this, take a few cautionary actions that the American Red Cross often recommends.

The very first to walk around your home from the outside and the inside and see where cold air may filter into your home. Standard offenders are windows and doors, although there can be gaps in other places. This will keep your home more comfortable and your electricity costs down, as well as take away some of the threats that you might get a couple of rodents boarding in your home over the season.

Another great choice, especially for those who abide close to the water, is to get storm windows. These will not only cover your home from the winter and wind but can also help them remain safe if trash starts to fly during a particularly vicious storm. If getting storm covers is too costly, consider lining the insides of your windows with plastic for some beefed up defense.

1. Examine Your Trees

  • Look for any dangling branches
  • Be sure that they can take water and nutrients
  • Have unsafe limbs taken off

One of the most important challenges you may deal with during the winter months is tree care. Trees have a tendency to slow down a bit in the winter, but they are still enduring and need to be able to get nutrients and water. Ensure that the ground is letting them get what they may need– especially once everything starts to freeze up and become dense. You also want to assure that going into this time, your trees are safe and have an excellent chance of survival if they do have to go for a bit in the absence of water or food.

Finally, always consult a professional tree service if you see any branches that could pose a predicament to your house, cars, pool, structures on your property, power lines, or the street if we do get a considerable ice storm or snow storm. These kinds of storms can weigh down trees and make it so that you have an emergency of your own in the middle of a weather-related crisis. According to the US Government, guarantee that you have the telephone number of a nearby tree care company in case you do have an unexpected emergency.

If you are in need of a go-to tree service contractor in the Independence area, contact Go Green Tree and Landscape today. We are a professional team of skilled professionals that take tree maintenance, especially tree care in the winter months, tremendously seriously. Your trees and your security mean a lot to us, so we want to do whatever we can to make you feel more protected this winter season.

Give us a call today at (816) 520-4864, and we can come to your residence to complete any maintenance needed before the season gets too bad or, in the event of a crisis, we can help you to clear up the circumstance as quickly as possible.

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