Frequently Asked Questions

Trees can be complicated, so we'd thought we'd answer some common questions we get from our clients. Don't see your question below? Give us a call at 816-520-4684 or complete our FREE estimate form and we'll contact you soon.

Commercial Experts
Does Go Tree and Stump Removal provide FREE estimates?

Yes, please contact us and we’re happy to come to your home or property to provide a free estimate.

Are your services provided at HOA neighborhoods and commercial locations?

Yes, our trained staff members are more than 10 years of experience certified by ISA, TCIA, and CTSP for any commercial or home location. We provide high-quality and reliable service for all of our customers.

What should I look for in a tree service company for my HOA or commercial building?

When you are looking for a team of professionals, look for a company with a history of quality service and related experience. Make sure the company is insured and certified and contains a trained staff of professionals. At Go Green Tree and Stump Removal, we care about your trees just as much as you do. We’re are here to provide quailty care for all the trees on your property to give you peace of mind. Tree services can be a dangerous line of work, and as such, they should always be performed by an experienced professional.

What areas do Go Green Tree and Stump Removal service?

We serve the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, including Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, Raytown, Overland Park, Leawood, Mission, Lenexa and more! Give us a call for a free estimate today.

What is the cost for your services?

There can be up to 20 different aspects that go into the cost of tree services including number, size (width, height, and diameter), current condition, and complexity of the project. That's why we offer a FREE estimate so we have the ability to come to your location and take into account all of those factors when providing a quote. Calling Go Green Tree and Stump Removal for your next tree service will ensure you have trained and professional staff that will take care of you and your tree in a professional and timely manner.

When is payment due for work performed?

Payment is due upon completion of the project from Go Green Tree and Stump Removal.

Does Go Green Tree and Stump Removal accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) as well as Cash, Check, and Venmo. The card processing fee is 3% of the entire bill.

Expert Services
Does Go Tree and Stump Removal provide FREE estimates?

Yes, pelase contact us and we’re happy to come to your home or property to provide a free estimate.

When is payment due for work performed?

Payment is due upon receipt of an invoice from Go Green Tree and Stump Removal. Accounts over 30 days past due are subject to late fees and possibly needing to be turned over to a collections agency and/or attorney for collection.

Certifications and Licenses
What is a Certified Arborist?

Arborists are individuals who are trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. A "Certified Arborist" is an individual, with at least three years of experience, who has passed a comprehensive certification exam. Certified Arborists are required to continue their professional development and continuing education on tree care.

Is Go Green Tree and Stump Removal licensed and insured?

Yes, the team at Go Green Tree and Stump Removal is fully licensed and insured. We can provide copies of insurance certificates upon request including general liability coverage, automobile coverage, and workman’s compensation coverage. Insurance protects against injury, damage, and ensures that you don't get help financially liable for any problems that develop. Having tree service professionals that are properly insured not only helps to protect you from liability in the event of something going wrong, but it also helps ensure that your property is protected from potential risk or damage. 

Tree Removal
When should l consider tree removal?

There are several instances where tree removal is recommended, including when a tree is dead or dying, considered hazardous and has a risk of falling and causing damage, is obstructing or causing harm to other trees or plants, contains root problems, or to allow for new construction. Our ISA-certified arborist has the knowledge and experience needed to professionally assess and determine the best course of action for your trees.

What does a tree removal process involve?

After one of our experienced team members has come to your house and property and accessed your tree and given an estimate, Go Green Tree and Stump Removal will schedule a time to complete the service. Based on the location and status of the tree, our trained professionals will use a series of tools to cut the tree in sections from the top to the bottom. If the tree is larger, a crane may be used to remove the tree, to assist in minimizing the risk of damage to your home or property. Other equipment used may include chippers, logging trucks, and aerial lift trucks. All industry standards and guidelines are utilized during every service for the safety of both you and our staff. Tree removal is not a DIY project you should attempt to complete on your own without experience. Our expertly-trained staff has all the tools and experience to safely and efficiently complete your tree removal service.

Tree Trimming and Pruning
When is a good time to prune a tree?

Most trees can be pruned all year long! However, it really depends on the current status of your trees. Regular pruning will remove weak, diseased or dead limbs to allow growth to be maximized.  A routine pruning schedule can be determined by our ISA-Certified Arborist Representative to properly achieve the goals and outcome of your trees. Generally speaking, fall and winter are the most common times to prune trees when leaves are off of trees for the arborist to have a clear look at tree in its entirety to locate and easily view any change in branch color, fungus growth, cracks and other possible problems.

Why should I have my trees pruned?

There are many reasons to complete regular tree pruning including safety, appearance and health of the tree. Dead branches can be an eyesore and a safety hazard, especially when close to cars and houses. Regular pruning provides a structure for the tree branches and can help manage potential insect infestation or disease on the trees. You should also prune for trees when branches are crossed or rubbing together so that they don’t fall unexpectedly. Call Go Green Tree and Stump Removal for a free estimate. 

Why is tree trimming important?

Tree trimming is vital for several reasons:

  • Beauty - keep your house and yard the best looking on the block. Tree trimming helps keep the shape and appearance to natural size.
  • Safety - Removing any dead and broken tree limbs can hinder a possible hazard, for example, tree limbs growing close to utility lines, blocking sightlines when driving, or damage property at your home or building.
  • Health - It’s possible that an infected tree can be saved by a tree trimming service. Crown thinning can improve airflow, providing a benefit for the tree. 
Tree Healthcare
When is the best time to water my trees? How much should I water?

Go Green Tree and Stump Removal recommends a slow watering in the early mornings. We recommend slow watering in the early mornings. Newly planted trees should receive about an inch of water per week. Water trees near the base to make sure that the water reaches the roots.

How do I know my tree is dying or in bad shape?

If you see any one of the following actions happening on or around your trees, it may be time to give us a call to have one of our trained professionals review:

  • Leaves curling, browning, or falling at the wrong time of year
  • Leaves with holes or spots on the top
  • Tree failing to blossom or flower
  • Tree losing branches
  • Mold or fungus
  • Discoloration at the base
  • Softness on the tree back or base
  • Peeling, shedding, or cracking at the bark
Tree Risk Assessment
What makes trees dangerous?

Trees can become dangerous when there are structural defects or dangling branches. A large tree by itself is not dangerous but can pose some danger once they start to show structural problems at the base. Our certified arborists can inspect any tree around your home or building that has the potential of posing a threat to safety.

Why should I have my tree assessed?

Trees should be assessed to determine whether there is any risk to your home or building. Our experienced staff can assess the level of the possible risk that your tree can possess.

Storm Damage
Can I call after hours if you’ve experienced storm damage?

Yes, we are available 24/7 to assist with storm cleanup when a storm arises.

Can you remove a tree after it’s already fallen?

Yes, we can remove fallen trees through our storm damage tree removal service.

Storm Damage
Why is stump removal important?

Neglected stumps can grow, become a home for pests, and get in the way when mowing or landscaping. Other methods, such as using harsh chemicals to try to kill it, usually prove ineffective.

How long does it take to grind a tree stump?

Depending on size, it can take as little as 15 minutes all the way up to 2 hours. We have a very powerful machine that is much more efficient than smaller units that can be rented.

How deep do you grind a stump?

We normally grind down approximately 6 to 10 inches below grade so there is ample soil depth to grow grass. We can go deeper if you plan to replant another tree in that same location.

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